About company

The equipment under the trademark "Zitrek "(which means" tomorrow " in Czech) is produced by a small company located in the suburbs of Prague. The family owning the company for several generations was engaged in production of various construction equipment. The family business dates back to the ancient times when Czech artisans made tools for the workers of the Kutná Hora silver mines – the only source of silver for the whole of Europe at that time.

Today production of "Zitrek" is produced at several plants in Hungary, Croatia, Italy, China and Russia. Straight connect with manufacturers allow us to offer customers attractive prices and high quality service. Our employees are trained and certified by most of the manufacturers, which allows the company to constantly develop and implement new technological solutions that provide increased efficiency and reliability of the created engineering systems, as well as provide a long-term guarantee for the work performed.

The basis of the Zitrek trademark success is complex engineering support of projects. Customer focus, competence, our own well-established mechanisms of work-these are our main advantages that allow us to achieve high results and offer customers really effective solutions.